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Rational Funk with Dave King

Dave's new instructional video series RATIONAL FUNK WITH DAVE KING is now live on YouTube. Check it out


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March 2016

MY TRIO WITH THE GREAT BILL CARROTHERS AND THE GREAT BILLY PETERSON is performing at the AMR festival in Geneva Switzerland this Sunday the 20th of March. Look it up for details!
Then we come roaring back to the Green Mill in Chicago Friday and Saturday March 25 and 26. PEOPLE OF CHICAGO PLEASE COME! WE WILL JAZZ YOU HARDER THAN THAN THE '85 BEARS DEFENSE HIT………maybe. By the way there are no hipster, post ironic glasses that can hang with the great Mike Singletary’s field goggles. The strap on those was made of barge rope strength poly poly synthetic magic fabric. Those fucking things made RUN DMC look like Ben Franklin you dig? That was some Rosie Greer level fucking solar panel sized specs can you dig it?? Some Dali Lama meets Tyrell from Blade Runner shit yo………READ MORE

The Bad Plus on tour...