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MAR 2015

march is here and it's really not a great month i have to say. there are nice things about march probably but i'm not sure i'm connected to them. there is a birthday in march that i can say is important to me but other than that fuck it.
i have been on the road a bit...........who cares?.....hmmm.......... i produced a modern bluegrass record in north carolina by the jon stickly trio! awesome folks and great musicians and it was a blast. look for it this year sometime! then i went to italy to play with the great danilo rea trio. sweet guys and serious cats. i had a pumpkin ravioli in Ferrara that would make Bar la Grasa taste like fucking olive garden but hey!!.......america doesnt have time for food this good for 7 euros!! we gotta do it for 34.00 because its a food movement.....and we gotta shoot animals from helicopters for fun!! lets go to mars and shoot their wolves too!!!

The Bad Plus on tour...