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Rational Funk with Dave King

Dave's new instructional video series RATIONAL FUNK WITH DAVE KING is now live on YouTube. Check it out →


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FEB 2015

hi to all who stumble upon my dumb site. how are you? how is your bad leg? how is your dog that has rabies? how is your seasonal depression? mine is bad. how is your aunt with the black teeth? how is your shitty landlord? mine is the bank and its satanic. my drum videos are still going strong! that's because i'm mentally ill. how are your successful projects? mine are the same.........borderline "art" meets a wounded horse. hey!.......did you ever have that person killed? no way!!! how's your coffee shop idea? mine hasn't found the path past the kinkos conference room meeting that i had 7 years ago where i said "people can drink their expensive coffees while there is an MMA fight going on in front of them". no takers.

The Bad Plus on tour...